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The Job Ain’t Over…   1 comment

The job ain’t over until the paperwork is finished.

– Graffiti commonly seen above rest room toilet paper dispensers

Moving into Canada from outside the country requires preparation of reams of paperwork for presentation upon arrival at the border.  Getting started in Canada heralds a fresh batch. Read the rest of this entry »


The Eagle and the Beaver Have Landed!   Leave a comment

Welcome to Canada.

With that greeting came instructions to park Donovan and go inside the Canada Border Services Agency office just behind the Pacific Highway checkpoint booths for processing. Read the rest of this entry »

The Point of No Return   Leave a comment

Monday morning, April 11, 2011.  Our time was now.

Paul and I were a bundle of nerves.  Neither of us enjoys dealing with often snarky immigration and customs personnel.  Today promised a double dose that filled me with dread. Read the rest of this entry »

I Think We Missed It   Leave a comment

Two things were certain as Paul and I departed Butte that Friday morning for points west.  Reaching Blaine, Washington (in the far northwest corner of Washington’s mainland) by 3:30 p.m. that afternoon to beat the closure of the U.S. Vehicle Export office was impossible.  We could forget about filing the export/import paperwork on Donovan until Monday.  The rush averted, we set our sights for that day only as far as Spokane. Read the rest of this entry »

Houston, We Have a Problem…   Leave a comment

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Paul and I usually strive to avoid road tripping on the U.S. Interstate system, preferring smaller U.S. or state highways.  This time, considering the time of year, looming flood warnings, mountains, rapidly changeable weather, gray skies and our schedule, the hated Interstate was the best option.

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Off Like a Turd of Hurdles   2 comments

Poplar Bridge Apts., Bloomington, MN

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Monday morning, April 4 was our last at Poplar Bridge.

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Load-Out/Stay   1 comment

Now the seats are all empty
Let the roadies take the stage
Pack it up and tear it down
They’re the first to come and last to leave
Working for that minimum wage
They’ll set it up in another town

from Load-Out  – Jackson Browne

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