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“You Have the House!”   Leave a comment

Every now and then, Paul and I find ourselves trying to maintain a course of action and  make what appears at the time to be a mistake.  In short order, the mistake reveals itself as the better solution.

We call it ‘screwing up in reverse’. Read the rest of this entry »


“You’re fired!”   1 comment

Tension built as March began.  Only a month to go and still so much to do.

The paperwork required on both sides of the border for an international move could fill a ream.

It starts with item lists and box labels, the general details of which, for items sent on the moving truck, make their way onto the shipping manifest, and continuing with the jewelry, electronics and hobby supply lists in varying levels of detail…in duplicate. Read the rest of this entry »

Suspended Animation   1 comment

Maybe I was too soon in pulling the trigger.

Six weeks after Paul’s layoff, my nerves were frazzled, though the well was not yet dry.  Our only consolation was that we had yet to hear from the INS.  A decision had to be made on vacating our lease. Read the rest of this entry »