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Me:  See About

Paul Tombu:  My love, life partner and the reason why I am where I am today

Destiny:  The female half of our Maine Coon-mix duo, aka Destiny Zabuglet, The Buglet, The Bag, The Baglet, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Oafus Destinius or You…in the Black Fur Coat

Carter:  The male half of our Maine Coon-mix duo, aka Carter Zabug, The Bug, Carter-Bug, Oafus Carteris or You…in the Racing Stripes.

Donovan:  Not a ‘he’ to anyone but ourselves.  More properly, Donovan is an it – our regular mode of transportation.  Something randomly pulled out of a hat wouldn’t do.

Donovan is not named after singer/songwriter Donovan Leitch. It’s a lot more complicated (dare I say Canadian) than that:

2008 Barcelona Red Pearl Toyota 4Runner = Red (color on Canadian flag) + 4Runner (1996 100 meter Olympic gold medal sprint relay team of Robert Esmie (lead), Glenroy Gilbert, Bruny Surin & Donovan Bailey (anchor)) = Donovan

Leo:  Paul’s silver 2007 Honda Reflex scooter, which takes its name from a reference to Vancouver’s CFL franchise, the BC Lions.  Back in ’07, the Lions’ team colors were burnt orange, silver, white and black.  The Leos since ditched most of the silver and black, but Leo remains Leo.

Rocky:  A raccoon.  Any raccoon will do.

Posey:  A possum.  Any possum.

Boris:  A spider.  Any spider.  We have a lot of Borises in the Lower Mainland.

and potentially a cast of thousands!


Posted July 17, 2011 by noslenca9300

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